Nanshu Wang

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Bitrate adaptation is critical in ensuring good users’ quality-of-experience (QoE) in Internet video delivery system. Several efforts have argued that accurate throughput prediction can dramatically improve (1) initial bitrate selection for low startup delay and high initial resolution; (2) midstream bitrate adaptation for high QoE. However, prior ef-(More)
We envision a real-time network traffic map for the Internet, where each network link is annotated with its capacity and its current utilization, with an interface that networked applications can query to inform their control decisions. While this goal is simple to state, it has been out of our reach due to concerns over measurement overhead and coverage.(More)
Resource isolation of the computation and storage in the cloud is relatively mature, but the network resource is still shared among tenants leading to variable and unpredictable network performance when bandwidth guarantees are not enforced. Currently most of the bandwidth guarantee approaches are based on the idea of single-path reservation without fully(More)
Recent work suggests that TCP throughput stability and predictability within a video viewing session can inform the design of better video bitrate adaptation algorithms. Despite a rich tradition of Internet measurement, however, our understanding of throughput stability and predictability is quite limited. To bridge this gap, we present a measurement study(More)
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