Nansheng Pang

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China's thermal-power-led power structure has caused serious environmental pollution problems. The Energy Development Eleventh Five-year Plan of China proposes that China should reduce the emissions of the main pollutants and optimize the power structure. In this paper, we build the programming model to optimize the electric power structure and constraint(More)
The resource mean square deviation of network planning is selected to measure the balance of resource. By setting the mean square deviation of resources to objective functions, and by the 2-norm is being introduced into the objective space, a function used for evaluating the balance optimization of multi-resource network planning is established, so the(More)
Considering the features of long term load forecasting are complicated, this paper proposes a generic neural network model that is able to adapt to and learn from amount of non-linear or imprecise rules, so it is a model with highly robustness. For avoiding the inflexibility of the generic neural network itself, many experiences and opinions of experts are(More)
Aiming at the issue of resource leveling optimization of network schedule, a discrete nonlinear mixed integer optimization model is established and an improved PSO is also proposed. In the process of establishing the leveling optimization model, resource intensity variance which is used to measure the proportionality of resource is selected as the(More)
Actually, in multi-index evaluation, evaluation results, which come from the linear evaluation model that is established based on a hypothesis that attributes of indexes completely meet linear compensation, always are not able to satisfy decision makers. Aiming at that impractical hypothesis, this paper improves the bid evaluation which only takes(More)
Traditional leveling optimization algorithms are confined to such simple situations as single-mode activities and start-to-finish precedence relations with zero time-lag between a pair of activities. However, they are not correspondent with the practical working mode. In this paper, according to the analysis on practical working mode, types of generalized(More)
For a long time, China's coal-based energy structure, as well as thermal-power-led power structure, has caused serious environmental pollution problems. To achieve the emissions constraints of major pollutants till the end of Eleventh Five-Year Plan, and optimize China's power structure, the research builds the electricity production and environmental(More)
This paper studies the competitive powers evaluations of construction enterprises in all of the provinces (autonomous regions) and municipalities in China by using DEA. In the process of establishing evaluation model, after a comprehensive analysis, number of construction enterprises and number of employees are selected as input indexes, and the annual(More)
Based on the Vague set theory of fuzzy math, this paper uses improved Vague set similarity measure methods, taking into account the three-dimensional meaning of membership degree and the influence of uncertainty membership on positive and negative subjection degree to complete and comprehend fuzzy information, such as the approving degree, opposition degree(More)