Nansen Lin

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The communication between neurons is inherently electrical and chemical in nature. In situ, simultaneous acquisition for the dual mode signals is important for neuroscience research. In this paper, the concept of dual mode neural microelectrode array (MEA) sensor was proposed, and a low cost thin film MEA chip for in vitro test was fabricated using standard(More)
The mammalian central nervous system (CNS) relies on a constant supply of external glucose for its undisturbed operation. This article presents an implantable Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) probe for brain glucose measurement. The MEA was implemented on Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) wafer using Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) methods. There were 16(More)
Simultaneous recording of neuroelectrical and neurochemical information of active neurons is very important for neurobiological research. This paper reports the first combination of dual mode microelectrode arrays and the corresponding integrated detection system for neuroelectrical and neurochemical recording. The microelectrode arrays incorporate planer(More)
To provide an effective and widely applicable tool for electrophysiological experiments of acute hippocampal slices, a novel planar microelectrode array (pMEA) was fabricated by standard photolithography technology. The novel pMEA has a special distribution of microelectrodes, with the nano-structure interfaces, the low impedance and superior(More)
This paper depicts a novel method to directionally stabilize enzymes together with redox mediators by electrodeposition. Chitosan was used as a stabilizing matrix. By electrochemical removal of local H(+), chitosan close to working electrode became locally insoluble, and enzymes and redox mediators in chitosan were stabilized. The microelectrode on(More)
Concurrently detecting the electrical activity of neurons and neurotransmitter release signals, will have a great significance in understanding the working mechanism of the brain. This paper describes a neural information detecting system based on microelectrode array(MEA) measuring neuroelectricity in hippocampus in vivo and dopamine(DA) in vitro. The(More)
A multichannel high-throughput microchip device integrating arrays of Pt microelectrodes modified with Pt-black nanoparticles for the measurement of spike activity from individual cells was fabricated. The microfabricated microelectrode arrays with a good noise level and appropriate impedance on glass substrate combined with homemade multichannel(More)
In this study, we chose 10 acupoints and non-acupuncture point control groups to see if there are electrical differences between acupoints and non-acupoints. 4 adjacent non-acupoints around each acupoint were chosen as a control group in 400 trials on 10 volunteers aged 23-30 years to characterize the Power Spectral Density of acupoint electrophysiological(More)
Most of the researches on acupoint electric characteristics focus on acupoint impedence. However, acupoint bioelectricity measurements which have better reproducibility are more valuable. In this paper, we aimed to characterize the PSD (Power Spectral Density) of acupoint bioelectricity. Ten acupoints and control groups (four adjacent non-acupoints around(More)