Nanping Dong

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Numerical Computation Lecture focusing on understanding the fundamental mathematical concepts and mastering problem-solving skills using numerical methods is an important lecture in colleges whose knowledge are hard to understand and master for most students. Scilab, famous open-source scientific computation software, can be used to test algorithms or to(More)
This paper describes a method for Chinese Webpage classification that uses user usage information and hierarchy from Website , rather than the content-based analysis approach and the link-based analysis approach, we have to find a way to use other information like user's usage and hierarchy from the Website to try to improve the performance and features of(More)
Image acquisition and transmission is indispensable component in monitoring system and many entertainment devices. An image data collection and transmission system based on ARM (advanced RISC machines) is presented in this paper. The hardware architecture of the system is designed, ARM9 core S3C2410 chip was used as the kernel control unit of this system,(More)
Scilab is a free open-source mathematical software package for scientific computation. It includes hundreds of general purpose and specialized functions for numerical computation which is organized in libraries called toolboxes that cover such as simulation, optimization, systems and control, and signal processing. Scicos is a Scilab package for modeling(More)
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