Nanno J. Mulder

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This paper confronts a CGE model to observed evolutions in France, between 1970 and 1992, through a structural decomposition analysis. The choice of the model and the assumption of constant elasticities over time enable the structural change of the economy between two equilibria to be summarised through a set of four types of state variables, reflecting the(More)
This paper's origin is to reach for a way for automatic initiation of shape hypothesis for Model Based Image Analysis (MBIA) in the specific case of agricultural fields. A solution is to start with local (topological) hypotheses. The topological data are integrated from local topology to the level of real 2-dimensional objects. The method requires(More)
This chapter examines the relationship between wages and levels of trade and FDI openness in twenty-nine sectors of the Chilean economy. Over the last four decades, this country almost fully liberalised its trade and foreign direct investment, which accelerated growth of flows in both areas and contributed to important changes in the labour market. Using(More)
In the context of the analysis of remotely sensed data the question arises of how to analyze large volumes of data. In the specific case of agricultural fields in flat areas these fields can often be modeled in terms of geometric primitives such as triangles and rectangles. In this case the options are classical i.e. bottom-up, starting at the pixel level(More)