Nanna K Christensen

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Phosphonoacetate and thiophosphonoacetate oligodeoxynucleotides were prepared via a solid-phase synthesis strategy. Under Reformatsky reaction conditions, novel esterified acetic acid phosphinodiamidites were synthesized and condensed with appropriately protected 5'-O-(4, 4'-dimethoxytrityl)-2'-deoxynucleosides to yield 3'-O-phosphinoamidite reactive(More)
Alpha-LNA is presented as a stereoisomer of LNA (locked nucleic acid) with alpha-D-configuration. Three different approaches towards the thymine alpha-LNA monomer as well as the 5-methylcytosine alpha-LNA monomer are presented. Different alpha-LNA sequences have been synthesised and their hybridisation with complementary DNA and RNA has been evaluated by(More)
Three different synthetic routes to the alpha-configured LNA thymine monomer starting from D-allose or D-arabinose were investigated. The introduction of one or four alpha-LNA monomers into alpha-DNA had a destabilizing effect on the duplexes. However, a fully modified alpha-LNA sequence displayed strong recognition of complementary RNA, but no transition(More)
Two LNA (locked nucleic acid) stereoisomers (beta-L-LNA and alpha-D-LNA) are evaluated in the mirror-image world, that is by the study of two mixed sequences of LNA and alpha-L-LNA and their L-DNA and L-RNA complements. Both are found to display high-affinity RNA-recognition by the formation of duplexes with parallel strand orientation.
Two pyrimidine alpha-LNA nucleoside monomers have been synthesised and incorporated into alpha-configured oligonucleotides. A fully modified mixed alpha-LNA sequence displays unprecedented parallel stranded hybridisation with complementary RNA and a remarkable selectivity for RNA over DNA. Modelling shows alpha-LNA:RNA to form an extended duplex with a very(More)
Two [3.2.0]bicyclic nucleosides, 35 and 34, with one and two hydroxymethyl substituents, respectively, have been efficiently synthesized. A protected (3'-C-vinyl-beta-D-allofuranosyl)thymine derivative 28 was easily prepared from diacetone-D-glucose and the thymine moiety was protected with a BOM-group. After the introduction of a leaving group in the(More)
[3.2.0]bcANA is a D-arabino-configured bicyclic nucleotide with a 2'-O,3'-C-methylene bridge. We here present the high-resolution NMR structure of a [3.2.0]bcANA modified dsDNA nonamer with one modified nucleotide incorporated. NOE restraints were obtained by analysis of NOESY cross peak intensities using a full relaxation matrix approach, and subsequently(More)
The thymidine monomers of LNA with both alpha- and beta-configuration are incorporated with polarity reversals (i.e., with 3'-3' and 5'-5' junctions) in oligodeoxynucleotides with beta- and alpha-configuration, respectively. A 5'-O-phosphoramidite of the beta-LNA monomer is synthesised. Large destabilisations of duplexes with both complementary DNA and RNA(More)
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