Nanna H. Hilton

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This investigation compares articulation rates of phonological and phonetic syllables in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish to investigate differences in degrees of syllable deletion (reduction) among these three languages. For the investigation two sets of data are used: one consisting of recorded speech from radio news and another consisting of sentences read(More)
Despite the literature on the role of input in adult second-language (L2) acquisition and on artificial and statistical language learning, surprisingly little is known about how adults break into a new language in the wild. This article reports on a series of behavioral and neuroimaging studies that examine what linguistic information adults can extract(More)
Danish has been described as a language exhibiting particularly many reduction phenomena, a development which might lead to impaired intelligibility. This paper quantifies syllable deletion and articulation rate in spoken Danish and investigates their effects on the intelligibility of Danish to native speakers. In a crossed-design, sentences in four(More)
This article proposes that Kroch’s (1989) Constant Rate Hypothesis—the generalization that contextual effects tend to be stable in processes of diachronic variation in production data—be extended to synchronic variation in controlled judgment data. Two recent, large-sample judgment experiments are discussed suggesting that shared contextual effects across(More)
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