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The first mathematically unbiased estimates of neocortical cell numbers are presented from the developing pig brain, including a full description of tissue processing and optimal sampling for application of the stereological optical fractionator method in this species. The postnatal development of neocortical neurons and glial cells from the experimental(More)
This paper reviews the animal welfare challenges associated with the use of minipigs in toxicology testing, and compares these to published knowledge on the other widely used non-rodent species (dogs and non-human primates). Welfare challenges arise from housing and management of populations under laboratory conditions, and from the procedures carried out(More)
Gender-associated differences in pathophysiology and treatment of disease are an evolving area in human medicine that should be addressed in animal models. The aim of this study was to characterize gender differences in metabolic parameters of Göttingen minipigs and to determine which gender has the metabolic profile that is most appropriate as a model for(More)