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The postnatal development of neocortical neurons and glial cells in the Göttingen minipig and the domestic pig brain
The domestic pig seems to be a more suitable model for evaluating the effects of developmental insults on human brain growth and neuronal development than the Göttingen minipig. Expand
Welfare of the minipig with special reference to use in regulatory toxicology studies.
It is concluded that it is easier to keep minipigs to a good standard of welfare under laboratory conditions than it is for dogs or non-human primates, since minipig are not athletic or arboreal. Expand
Diseases of Minipigs
Gender-associated differences in metabolic syndrome-related parameters in Göttingen minipigs.
Female minipigs were more obese and insulin-resistant and had a more atherogenic plasma profile than did their male counterparts and therefore may be better models for metabolic syndrome. Expand
Spatial discrimination and visual discrimination: two methods evaluating learning and memory in juvenile Göttingen minipigs
Juvenile Göttingen minipigs are able to learn to perform in a spatial hole-board discrimination test as well as in a visual discrimination test, showing an increase in performance over time. Expand
The Use of Minipigs in Non-Clinical Research
Pigs and minipigs are considered good models for humans because they share some important characteristics with man, and the minipig in particular should always be considered as a relevant test species for regulatory toxicity studies. Expand
Behavioral Biology of Pigs and Minipigs
  • Sandra Edwards, Nanna Grand
  • Biology
  • Behavioral Biology of Laboratory Animals
  • 23 June 2021
Transepidermal water loss and tape stripping in minipig skin
The skin provides a physical barrier to absorption of externally applied drugs and xenobiotics. if the barrier is damaged or compromised, transfer of molecules across the skin can be enhanced leadingExpand
Transepidermal water loss and tape stripping in minipig skin
【目的】今回、褐色モルモットを用いて美白成分であるロドデロール、ハイドロキノン及びアルブチンの白色化誘発作用を比較 したので、その結果を報告する。 【方法】褐色モルモット(A-1)を用い、この動物の背部皮膚にロデドロールの1%、5%、10%溶液を1日1回、計42日間開放塗布し、 休薬期間を21日間設けた。投与部位の色差(L値)を測定し、その変化を確認した。休薬期間終了後に皮膚を摘出し、ドーパ染色Expand