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The structural control involving staging formation was studied in the nanocomposites of macrocyclic tetraazacrown ether carboxylic acid derivative (TECA) and layered double hydroxide (LDH) obtained by an osmotic swelling/restoration process. After NO(3)-type MgAl-LDH was osmotically swollen in formamide, TECA was added, leading to a restoration of the LDH(More)
Highly crystalline Eu(3+)-incorporated MgAl layered double hydroxides (LDHs) were synthesized by the homogeneous precipitation method. For the crystals as-prepared, after their calcination from 200-1000 °C, and, further, after restoration in a Na(2)CO(3) solution, the structural and luminescent changes were investigated for the first time. Eu(3+) ions with(More)
Two organic sensitisers 4-biphenylcarboxylate (BPC) and terephthalate (TA) were intercalated into the gallery of layered europium hydroxide (LEuH). PL spectra tests indicated that BPC markedly enhanced the red luminescence of Eu(3+) due to efficient energy transfer between BPC and Eu(3+), forming a contrast to intercalated TA and the starting NO(3)(-)(More)
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