Nanjie Liu

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In this paper, we propose a probability-statistical capacity-prediction scheme to provide probabilistic quality-of-service (QoS) guarantees under the high traffic load of IEEE 802.11 wireless multimedia Mesh networks. The proposed scheme perceives the state of wireless link based on theMAC retransmission statistics and calculates the statistical channel(More)
With the increasing availability of driving operation data and vehicle information for auto insurance services, it is possible for insurance companies to provide differentiate insurance premiums and value-added services for drivers. We develop a usage based insurance system for the first time, which is comprised of carrier, cloud and client referring to the(More)
Network-coded cooperation techniques endow Network Coding (NC) capability with the relay to reduce time slots overhead for multi-session Cooperative Communications (CC). However, recent results have shown that employing NC may have an adverse effect and diminish the advantage of NC in CC due to the existence of NC noise. In this paper, we propose Space(More)
The development of cloud computing, big data and ubiquitous communication technologies bring a golden opportunity to traditional taxi service systems. In this paper, we propose an intelligent taxi service system based on Carrier-Cloud-Client framework of Internet of Vehicle (IOV) for the first time. Basically, the system employs an advanced intelligent(More)
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