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Systemic administration of a recombinant adenovirus encoding the human interferon-beta gene (H5.110CMVhIFN-beta) results in transduction of hepatocytes and detectable circulating levels of IFN-beta protein. In preclinical studies in mice, we noticed a distinctly nonlinear dose response, with low levels of virus (1-3 x 10(10) viral particles) yielding barely(More)
The decay J/psi-->NNpi provides an effective isospin 1/2 filter for the piN system due to isospin conservation. Using 58x10(6) J/psi decays collected with the Beijing Electromagnetic Spectrometer at the Beijing Electron Positron Collider, more than 100 thousand J/psi-->ppi-n+c.c. events are obtained. Besides the two well-known N* peaks at around 1500 MeV/c2(More)
Fragments resulting from the cyanogen bromide cleavage of reduced and aminoethylated porcine pepsin were purified. Only four of the five fragments theoretically present could be accounted for in major yield when the cyanogen bromide reaction was carried out at room temperature. The NH2-terminal fragment, CB2, contained an internal homoserine which was not(More)
An enhancement near the m(p)+M(Lambda) mass threshold is observed in the combined pLambda and pLambda invariant-mass spectrum from J/psi-->pK(-)Lambda;+c.c. decays. It can be fit with an S-wave Breit-Wigner resonance with a mass m=2075+/-12(stat)+/-5(syst) MeV and a width of Gamma=90+/-35(stat)+/-9(syst) MeV; it can also be fit with a P-wave Breit-Wigner(More)
Objective: To investigate the fatigue status of military personnel stationed in plateau and high cold region, and to analyze the mediator effect of trait coping style on job stress and fatigue. Methods: In October 2010, with the method of cluster random sampling survey, 531 military personnel stationed in plateau and high cold region were chosen as subject.(More)
As the culmination of several years of experiments, we propose a complete amino-acid sequence for porcine pepsin, an enzyme containing 327 amino-acid residues in a single polypeptide chain. In the sequence determination, the enzyme was treated with cyanogen bromide. Five resulting fragments were purified. The amino-acid sequence of four of the fragments(More)
The authors demonstrate a smart and versatile approach for preparing multi-spectral conjugated polymers from a commercial precursor MEH-PPV without tedious synthetic modification. Multi-color CPNs with small size have also been successfully prepared using a modified-reprecipitation procedure for live cell imaging.
Psychosocial work environments may adversely influence blood pressure, but the benefits of altering these factors and introducing coping resources is unclear. We examined whether changing work stressors and coping resources affect the risk of hypertension and elevated BP. A total of 13,145 workers from the Occupational Health Study of Petroleum Industry(More)
Despite the potential of type 1 interferons (IFNs) for the treatment of cancer, clinical experience with IFN protein therapy of solid tumors has been disappointing. IFN-beta has potent antiproliferative activity against most human tumor cells in vitro in addition to its known immunomodulatory activities. The antiproliferative effect, however, relies on(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the effects of job content on psychological stress in young recruits. METHODS In October 2014, 625 young recruits enrolled in one troop of Xinjiang Military Command in 2014 were chosen as subjects by multi-stage stratified random sampling. The Chinese version of the job content questionnaire (JCQ)and the psychological stress self(More)