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The ob gene product, leptin, is an important circulating signal for the regulation of body weight. To identify high affinity leptin-binding sites, we generated a series of leptin-alkaline phosphatase (AP) fusion proteins as well as [125I]leptin. After a binding survey of cell lines and tissues, we identified leptin-binding sites in the mouse choroid plexus.(More)
We have identified two lung carcinoma cell lines, A549 and Calu-l, expressing low levels of the macrophage colony-stimulating factor (CSF-1) receptor (CSF-1 R), encoded by the c-fms oncogene. The effect of CSF-1 on the invasive potential of these CSF-1 R-positive tumor cell lines and on two other CSF-1 R-bearing cell lines, the BT-20 breast carcinoma cell(More)
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