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The influence of aging and early degenerative changes on intervertebral disc height is controversial. It has been claimed that with aging, narrowing of the disc is inevitable, but this is not confirmed by some published radiological investigations. The present study analysed the height and shape of intervertebral discs from subjects younger than 40 years,(More)
Biomechanical and histologic studies have highlighted the close functional relationship between lumbar discs and their associated facet joints, and it is conceivable that their degenerative changes are interdependent. However, separation of cause from effect remains controversial. Hitherto, no study in humans has correlated the changes histologically. The(More)
BACKGROUND Esophageal function testing was developed to aid diagnosis in patients with negative endoscopy. Although combined 24-h esophageal pH-manometry is now commercially available, its routine clinical effectiveness has not yet been studied. METHODS From 1992 to 1996 we evaluated 303 consecutive patients who were first-time referrals to our unit for(More)
BACKGROUND Aneurysms of visceral arteries are rare, but may lead to dramatic situations of intraabdominal or retroperitoneal hemorrhage in case of rupture. CASE REPORT We report the case of a 72-year-old patient who developed a hemorrhagic shock following a total hip replacement due to the rupture of an aneurysm of the gastroduodenal artery. Angiography(More)
We performed a vital microscopic study in mice bearing dorsal skinfold chambers to characterize microvascular perfusion and leukocyte/endothelium interaction and their effects on elongation and mineralization of neonatal isograft and allograft bone. Isograft (C57/BL to C57/BL) and allograft bone (C57/ BL to BALB/C) revascularized simultaneously. However,(More)
Most social animals depend on group decisions for coordination. Recent models suggest that the level of interindividual conflict strongly influences whether groups reach a consensus during decision making. However, few experimental studies have explored how wild animals make group decisions in situations with conflicting interests. Such experimental data(More)
Calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD) crystal deposition in lumbar intervertebral discs has been described, but its clinical significance remains unclear. The present study analyzed histological sections of lumbar discs that were obtained from patients undergoing anterior lumbar interbody fusion. Immunohistological staining was undertaken to identify(More)
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