Nandlal G. Toshniwal

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The aim of this case report is to present an endodontically and esthetically managed maxillary left lateral incisor fused to a supernumerary tooth associated with a talon cusp. This case report describes a multidisciplinary approach involving endodontic and restorative considerations for a successful, functional, and esthetic rehabilitation of the fused(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy of Planas Direct Tracks in the treatment of skeletal Class II malocclusion due to retrognathic mandible in the intermediate mixed dentition stage clinically and cephalometrically. MATERIALS AND METHOD A six month cross sectional comparative study consisted of 40 subjects (21 males and 19 females) with a mean age of 9.8 +(More)
Scissor bite is a rare form of malocclusion that is often accompanied by varying degrees of facial asymmetry. Correction and treatment of scissor bite in posterior teeth is a challenging job for an orthodontist. There are several treatment options for correction of scissor bite in posterior teeth but some have their own ill-effects on the dentition thus(More)
Many methods have been used to correct abnormal tongue habits. A mechanical device such as tongue spurs or cribs offers help till they are in the mouth, but the habit often returns when the device is removed. Patients with tongue thrusting habits complain to their clinician, of reopening of spaces, proclination of anteriors and contraction of arch, though(More)
Over eruption of maxillary molar is a common finding seen in cases with loss of mandibular antagonist. We came across a periodontally compromised patient with same condition demanding intrusion for the placement of a prosthesis for a missing molar. So an effort was made to design a wire framework bonded directly to the adjacent teeth, to which elastics were(More)