Nandita Rath

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Let A= (ank) be an infinite matrix with all ank ≥ 0 and P a bounded, positive real sequence. For normed spaces E and Ek the matrix A generates paranormed sequence spaces such as [A,P]∞((Ek)), [A,P]0((Ek)), and [A,P](E) which generalize almost all the existing sequence spaces, such as l∞, c0, c, lp, wp , and several others. In this paper, conditions under(More)
Let P = (pk) be a bounded positive sequence and let A= (ank) be an infinite matrix with all ank ≥ 0. For normed spaces E and Ek, the matrix A generates the paranormed sequence spaces [A,P]∞((Ek)), [A,P]0((Ek)), and [A,P]((E)), which generalise almost all the well-known sequence spaces such as c0, c, lp , l∞, and wp . In this paper, topological duals of(More)
In this paper we have proposed a novel approach for face identification as application of Genetic Algorithm, based on PCA and applicable to colour images. Our proposed method is a search procedure to find out the face of interest from a 2D image. For optimization of search procedure we have used here Genetic algorithm with a fitness function. The proposed(More)
This is a preliminary report on the continuous action of convergence groups on convergence spaces. In particular, the convergence structure on the homeomorphism group and its continuous action are investigated in this paper. Also, attempts have been made to establish a one-to-one correspondence between continuous action of a convergence group and its(More)
The categorical topologists Bentley et al. [1] have shown that the category FIL of filter spaces is isomorphic to the category of filter merotopic spaces which were introduced by Katětov [3]. The category CHY of Cauchy spaces is also known to be a bireflective, finally dense subcategory of FIL [7]. So the category FIL is an important category which deserves(More)
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