Nandish Patel

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The purpose of this paper is to compare and evaluate the main research methods and methodologies for studying organisational learning (OL), and propose a framework for their selection. It presents a comprehensive review of literature on OL, learning organisation (LO) and research methods and reports evidence on recent developments in research methods for(More)
Resettled immigrants and refugees in the US do not get appropriate healthcare attention because of organizational barriers, cultural differences, poor explanation of health problems and their geographical distribution in the country. These problems often lead to inappropriate diagnoses and inappropriate treatment. Healthcare providers also face significant(More)
Gloves can serve as barriers to decrease the transfer of microorganisms from hands to food. Glove changing by food vendors is particularly important when handling paper currency, as bills can carry and transmit microbes from person to person. The purpose of this study was two-fold: (1) To ascertain the extent to which gloves are changed after monetary(More)
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