Nandini Menon

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This study was undertaken to investigate the usefulness of bilateral rather than unilateral iliac trephine biopsies in demonstrating Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in the bone marrow. One hundred and seventy adequate bilateral biopsies were obtained from 145 patients. Among 76 bilateral trephine biopsies from 65 patients with Hodgkin's(More)
Six infants, three of them neonates, were diagnosed as having acute lead poisoning; four of them had acute encephalopathy. All had been given an indigenous preparation, 'Bint Al Zahab' (Daughter of Gold), for abdominal colic and early passage of meconium after birth. Chemical analysis of this powder revealed a lead content of 82.5%. The index case had(More)
The use of 1 deamino-8-D-arginine vasopressin (DDVAP), is reported in seven patients with von Willebrand's disease and mild haemophilia undergoing elective surgery. There were no haemorrhagic complications, and both the quality of the clot formed and the rate of healing appeared entirely normal in all patients. No patient received blood products. Local(More)
Posterior mediastinal benign teratomas are uncommon neoplasms in infancy; nine cases have been reported so far. A one month old baby was found to have a benign posterior mediastinal teratoma infiltrating the lower oesophagus from the level of the carina through the oesophageal hiatus into the upper abdomen. Partial oesophagectomy provided a suc-
PURPOSE To report a case of bilateral decrease in central vision with almost normal fundus examination. METHODS A 50-year-old white man with central visual loss followed since 2006 with detailed ophthalmologic examinations and ancillary tests, including autoimmune and antiretinal antibody analyses. RESULTS Virtually normal ophthalmoscopic examination,(More)
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