Nandan Srivastava

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A 12-yr-old child reported to the outpatient department of D.A.V. (C) Dental College & Hospital with a history of trauma 41/2 yr earlier with pain and swelling now present in the upper anterior area for 3 days. A radiograph showed the presence of a foreign object in the periapical area of a fractured and discolored maxillary central incisor. Reported here(More)
We report a patient with bilateral incyclotorsion, asymmetric facial palsy, monocular depression deficiency, and unilateral Type 3 Duane syndrome, along with contralateral anotia and a midline cleft palate. A dysplastic middle ear cavity and unilateral absence of the facial nerve were noted on magnetic resonance imaging scanning. The differential diagnosis(More)
A nine-year old male child presented in the Department of Pedodontics with the chief complaint of pain and swelling int the mid-palatal region during mastication. Clinical examination revealed a hard swelling in the palate. Radiographic examination disclosed the presence of an inverted "mesiodens like" supernumerary tooth. Surgical extraction was planned.
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