Nandan Srivastava

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Sixty four asphyxiated term babies (Apgar score of 6 or less at 5 minutes) and 90 non-asphyxiated term babies (controls) were studied. Of these, 40 cases and 48 controls could be followed up. Mortality and neurodevelopmental outcome were studied in both the cases and controls. Mortality and poor neurodevelopmental outcome correlated inversely with the Apgar(More)
Role of resistin in insulin sensitivity and metabolic syndrome (MetS) is controversial till date. Increased serum resistin levels are associated with MetS and insulin resistance. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between serum resistin levels with markers of the MetS in females. In a cross-sectional study, a total of 170 healthy(More)
We report a patient with bilateral incyclotorsion, asymmetric facial palsy, monocular depression deficiency, and unilateral Type 3 Duane syndrome, along with contralateral anotia and a midline cleft palate. A dysplastic middle ear cavity and unilateral absence of the facial nerve were noted on magnetic resonance imaging scanning. The differential diagnosis(More)
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