Nanda Piersma

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Response Surface Methodology (RSM) is an optimization tool that was introduced in the early 50's by Box and Wilson (1951). In this paper we are interested in finding the best settings for an automated RSM procedure when there is very little information about the objective function. We will present a framework of the RSM procedures that is founded in(More)
We develop a framework for automated optimization of stochastic simulation models using Response Surface Methodology. The framework is especially intended for simulation models where the calculation of the corresponding stochastic response function is very expensive or time-consuming. Response Surface Methodology is frequently used for the optimization of(More)
In developing decision-making models for the evaluation of medical procedures, the model parameters can be estimated by fitting the model to data observed in trial studies. For complex models that are implemented by discrete event simulation (microsimulation) of individual life histories, the Score Function (SF) method can potentially be an appropriate(More)
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