Nanda Piersma

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With the advent of one-to-one marketing media, e.g. targeted direct mail or internet marketing, the opportunities to develop targeted marketing (customer relationship management) campaigns are enhanced in such a way that it is now both organizationally and economically feasible to profitably support a substantially larger number of marketing segments.(More)
We develop a framework for automated optimization of stochastic simulation models using Response Surface Methodology. The framework is especially intended for simulation models where the calculation of the corresponding stochastic response function is very expensive or time-consuming. Response Surface Methodology is frequently used for the optimization of(More)
Airline seat inventory control is a very profitable tool in the airline industry. Mathematical programming models provide booking limits or bid-prices for all itineraries and fare classes based on demand forecasts. But the actual revenue generated in the booking process fails to meet expectations. Simple deterministic models based on expected demand(More)
This paper studies decision rules for accepting reservations for stays in a hotel based on deterministic and stochastic mathematical programming techniques. Booking control strategies are constructed that include ideas for nesting, booking limits and bid prices. We allow for multiple day stays. Instead of optimizing a decision period consisting of a fixed(More)
The parallel mechine scheduling problem with unrelated machines is studied where the objective is to minimize the maximum makespan. In this paper, new local search algorithms are proposed where the neighborhood search of a solution uses the “efficiency” of the machinea for each job. It is shown that this method yields better solutions and shorter running(More)
Response Surface Methodology (RSM) is an optimization tool that was introduced in the early 50's by Box and Wilson (1951). In this paper we are interested in finding the best settings for an automated RSM procedure when there is very little information about the objective function. We will present a framework of the RSM procedures that is founded in(More)