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Bicaudal D2, Dynein, and Kinesin-1 Associate with Nuclear Pore Complexes and Regulate Centrosome and Nuclear Positioning during Mitotic Entry
Mammalian Bicaudal D2 is the missing molecular link between cytoplasmic motor proteins and the nucleus during nuclear positioning prior to the onset of mitosis.
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TRAK/Milton Motor-Adaptor Proteins Steer Mitochondrial Trafficking to Axons and Dendrites
In neurons, the distinct molecular composition of axons and dendrites is established through polarized targeting mechanisms, but it is currently unclear how nonpolarized cargoes, such asExpand
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BICD2, dynactin, and LIS1 cooperate in regulating dynein recruitment to cellular structures
This study dissects the recruitment of dynein and dynactin to cargo by a conserved motor adaptor BICD2. It is shown that dynein, dynactin, and BICD2 form a triple complex in vitro and in vivo.Expand
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Probing intracellular motor protein activity using an inducible cargo trafficking assay.
Although purified cytoskeletal motor proteins have been studied extensively with the use of in vitro approaches, a generic approach to selectively probe actin and microtubule-based motor proteinExpand
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The microtubule plus-end-tracking protein CLIP-170 associates with the spermatid manchette and is essential for spermatogenesis.
CLIP-170 is a microtubule "plus-end-tracking protein" implicated in the control of microtubule dynamics, dynactin localization, and the linking of endosomes to microtubules. To investigate theExpand
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Myosin-V Opposes Microtubule-Based Cargo Transport and Drives Directional Motility on Cortical Actin
Intracellular transport is driven by motor proteins that either use microtubules or actin filaments as their tracks, but the interplay between these transport pathways is poorly understood. WhereasExpand
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Kinesin-Binding Protein Controls Microtubule Dynamics and Cargo Trafficking by Regulating Kinesin Motor Activity
Kinesin motor proteins play a fundamental role for normal neuronal development by controlling intracellular cargo transport and microtubule (MT) cytoskeleton organization. Regulating kinesin activityExpand
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Mammalian Navigators are microtubule plus-end tracking proteins that can reorganize the cytoskeleton to induce neurite-like extensions.
Mammalian microtubule plus-end tracking proteins (+TIPs) specifically associate with the ends of growing microtubules. +TIPs are involved in many cellular processes, including mitosis, cell migrationExpand
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A role for Bicaudal-D2 in radial cerebellar granule cell migration.
Bicaudal-D (BICD) belongs to an evolutionary conserved family of dynein adaptor proteins. It was first described in Drosophila as an essential factor in fly oogenesis and embryogenesis. MissenseExpand
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Isolation of novel +TIPs and their binding partners using affinity purification techniques.
Microtubule organization and dynamics are controlled by a large set of cellular factors. An important group of microtubule regulators is microtubule plus-end-tracking proteins (+TIPs), whichExpand
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