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was hailed as a landmark contribution to the understanding of the African-American experience. Fourteen years after the publication of the original volume, an update was very much needed. African-Americans constitute 12.9% of the U.S. population; from 1990 to 2000, the Black population increased at a faster rate than that of the U.S. population overall.(More)
I. INTRODUCTION The controlled release of contents from polymeric capsules is of considerable interest in applications such as self-healing materials, nutrient preservation, fragrance release, and drug delivery. The utility of capsules as vehicles for cargo storage stems from their ability to deliver beneficial agents (e.g., fertilizer) " just in time " to(More)
  • Mihai P, Institutélie Cartan, Nancy
  • 2008
In this article we prove a non-vanishing statement, as well as several properties of metrics with minimal singularities of adjoint bundles. Our arguments involve many ideas from Y.-T. Siu's analytic proof of the finite generation of the canonical ring. An important technical tool is the notion of relative critical exponent of two closed positive currents(More)
National Defence under contract W7714-030777/001/ZG. Initial information that contributed to the Statement of Work was provided to the Technical Authority by Ashela Webb (ashela@ashela.com), a software and systems consultant based in Vancouver specializing in collaborative software. White whose stimulating discussions helped focus this work. We wish to(More)
cettedeuxì eme partie leprobì eme du " fingerprinting " , c'està dire la détection par prise d'empreintes d'une couche protocolaire et/ou d'unéquipement. La prise d'empreintes d'un système est une action essentielle dans l'audit de sécurité d'un réseau. L'objectif de ce processus consiste en la détection d'une version spécifique d'un service/´ equipement(More)
  • G Banfi, Milan, +27 authors Sweden Stockholm
  • 2002
The views expressed by named authors are solely the responsibility of those authors. The WHO document "Use of Anticoagulants in Diagnostic Laboratory Investigations" (WHO/DIL/LAB/99.1 Rev. 1) received a surprising resonance and experts around the world provided many additional observations. This information has been included in the 2nd revision of the(More)
« construit » plutôt qu'en tant que « conçu » [4] et qu'elles ne permettent pas d'orienter la conception en phase préliminaire. Or, il apparaît plus efficient de prendre en considération les issues environnementales dans les premiers moments de la conception. A cette étape, il y a plus de liberté de choix et moins de risques économiques et de contraintes(More)
Present day applications require various kinds of images and pictures as sources of information for interpretation and analysis. Whenever an image is converted from one form to another, such as digitizing, scanning, transmitting, storing, etc. , some form of degradation occurs at the output. Hence, the output image has to undergo a process called image(More)
The origin of diastereoselectivity in the addition of alkyl lithium to chiral Schiff bases has been investigated experimentally and theoretically and the formation of the major diastereomer can be explained from the energy minimized structure of the Schiff base in which the phenyl group has been found to orient in such a manner that it posed lesser steric(More)