Nancy White

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Institutionalization of the Elderly in Canada suggested that efforts to address the underlying causes of age-related declines in health might negate the need for nursing homes. However, the prevalence of chronic disease has increased, and conditions like dementia mean that nursing homes are likely to remain important features of the Canadian health care(More)
44 CRITICAL CARE NURSE Vol 22, No. 6, DECEMBER 2002 mine differences between donor and nondonor families and perhaps reveal if healthcare providers can somehow influence more families to agree to organ donation. Primarily because of the dearth of understanding in the organ recovery industry of why families refuse to donate the organs of a deceased family(More)
BACKGROUND The occurrence of adverse events (AEs) in care settings is a patient safety concern that has significant consequences across healthcare systems. Patient safety problems have been well documented in acute care settings; however, similar data for clients in home care (HC) settings in Canada are limited. The purpose of this Canadian study was to(More)
BACKGROUND Home care (HC) is a critical component of the ongoing restructuring of healthcare in Canada. It impacts three dimensions of healthcare delivery: primary healthcare, chronic disease management, and aging at home strategies. The purpose of our study is to investigate a significant safety dimension of HC, the occurrence of adverse events and their(More)
Web 2.0 tools combined with face-to-face methods offer new opportunities for better knowledge sharing across disciplines, languages and borders. This article comprises an overview and case studies – the personal accounts of six participants and one facilitator of a 2008 Workshop on Knowledge Sharing, sponsored by the Consultative Group on International(More)
The decision to place a family member in a long-term care (LTC) facility results in a variety of experiences for families. The experience of Latino families can be particularly problematic for the different relatives involved in the process. Placing a loved one in an LTC facility goes against cultural norms for Hispanic families that can lead to problems(More)
A unique collaboration between the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and interRAI, an international research network, is supporting jurisdictions across Canada in collecting client-level clinical and administrative data for both primary and secondary uses. Standardized interRAI assessments, captured electronically and sent to CIHI, provide(More)
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