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This paper discusses Betty’s Brain, a teachable agent in the domain of river ecosystems that combines learning by teaching with self-regulation mentoring to promote deep learning and understanding. Two studies demonstrate the effectiveness of this system. The first study focused on components that define student-teacher interactions in the learning by(More)
This paper describes the use of qualitative reasoning mechanisms in designing computer-based teachable agents that users explicitly teach to solve problems using concept maps. Users can construct the required problem-solving knowledge structures without becoming involved in sophisticated programming activities. Once taught, the agent attempts to answer(More)
Bettys Brain [1] is a learning-by-teaching environment where students "teach" Betty by constructing a concept map that models relations between domain concepts. The relations can be causal, hierarchical, and property links between the entities that represent the domain. The goal is for students to understand and then teach Betty about interdependence and(More)
Academically successful and less successful fifth graders were asked to make judgments about the ease of understanding and remembering various sentences and were given the opportunity to attempt to remember some of them before being asked to judge new sets of sentences. The results of the first experiment indicate that, at the beginning of the experiment,(More)
The ability to connect new information to relevant, previously acquired knowledge can facilitate comprehension and memory. This study shows that the addition of person knowledge, or knowledge organized around familiar people, in the design of learning materials has the potential to improve learning while decreasing the amount of effort and attention exerted(More)
We present an experiment involving the analysis and redesign of an online course that has been in existence for several years at Boeing. We created an experimental version of the course to explore the differential impact of a mix of learning science frameworks: integrating different types of formative and reflective feedback; minimizing cognitive load by(More)