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Since 1994, the Hospital Authority has been developing and deploying clinical applications at its constituent 41 hospitals and 121 clinics. The Clinical Management System (CMS) is now used by over 4000 doctors and 20000 other clinicians on a daily basis to order, document and review care. The territory-wide Electronic Patient Record (ePR) has given(More)
Globalization is impacting on Hong Kong and Australia in different ways, but the experience of the public healthcare systems in both jurisdictions suggests a need for teaching and research hospitals to refocus from the management of international patients to better meet the needs for global health. Traditional globalization suggests a stockpiling of(More)
Hong Kong is undergoing a public debate on the need to reform and future directions of reforming its health care system. This paper highlights the debates and considerations brought up by the Hospital Authority, the largest provider of public health care in Hong Kong, on the ethical principles and societal values underlying the upcoming reform. It is(More)
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