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We have tested linkage between the locus for the fragile-X [fra(X)] syndrome at Xq27.3 and five polymorphic restriction sites identified by four DNA probes mapping distal to Xq26.1. A maximum distance of approximately 15 centimorgans (cM) between Xq27.3 and the marker loci mapping to this region was predicted based on the physical chromosome length. Close(More)
In 3 families with the fragile-X [fra(X)] syndrome, we have identified a minimum of 4 recombinations in 9 meioses between the syndrome locus and the coagulation Factor IX gene. Two Factor IX intragenic restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs), produced with TaqI and XmnI, were used as markers. In lod score calculations, incomplete penetrance of the(More)
A family is described in which Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is inherited as an X-linked dominant mutation (CMT2). Ten DNA marker loci on the X chromosome were used to map the disease locus by linkage analysis. The DXYS1 sequence at Xq13 was found to be linked to the CMT2 locus at an estimated distance of 6 cM (Zmax = 2.87 at theta max = 0.06). The data also(More)
A DNA segment D20S5 isolated from a chromosome 19/20 flow-sorted library was shown to identify two restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) with MspI and PvuII. The probe was localized by hybridization in situ to 20p12, the putative site of an interstitial deletion in some MEN 2A and 2B patients. Linkage of the D20S5 and MEN 2A loci was excluded at(More)
We describe a family in which two males and seven females have brown pigmentation of the skin. In the females, the type and distribution of the pigmentation mimicked incontinentia pigmenti; in the males, the pattern was reticulate. The histological appearance was the same in both sexes with amyloid deposits in the papillary dermis, melanin in the basal(More)
Multiple endocrine neoplasis type 2A (MEN2A) is one of several kinds of cancers that appear to be inherited in an autosomally dominant fashion. We have assigned the MEN2A locus to chromosome 10 by linkage with a new DNA marker (D10S5). The linkage led us to investigate other chromosome 10 markers and demonstrate linkage between the disease locus and the(More)
A series of human probes with unique sequences has been isolated from a recombinant phage library constructed with DNA obtained from a human-hamster hybrid cell line. This cell line contained the X chromosome as the only human component. For 18 of these probes, a human X-chromosome origin has been confirmed and they have been regionally assigned by a(More)