Nancy Simon

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Modern prevention includes efforts to reduce the frequency of coronary heart disease by screening populations for certain risk factors, and then advising persons high in risk on how to alter their vulnerability. But what is the effect of telling persons they are at increased risk for such threatening events as heart attacks? Without such information they(More)
Efforts at prevention of disease include case-finding of individuals at high risk and offering to these identified people an intervention to reduce their risk. Although the intention of intervention is to reduce risk, the impact of discovering that one is at high risk may also lead to intrusive ideas and feelings that characterize psychological stress(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors describe the sleep habits of second year medical students and look for associations between reported sleep duration and depression, burnout, overall quality of life, self-reported academic success, and falling asleep while driving. METHODS The authors conducted a cross-sectional descriptive study of two consecutive cohorts of second(More)
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