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BACKGROUND Annelida comprises an ancient and ecologically important animal phylum with over 16,500 described species and members are the dominant macrofauna of the deep sea. Traditionally, two major groups are distinguished: Clitellata (including earthworms, leeches) and "Polychaeta" (mostly marine worms). Recent analyses of molecular data suggest that(More)
Next-generation sequencing technology is now frequently being used to develop genomic tools for non-model organisms, which are generally important for advancing studies of evolutionary ecology. One such species, the marine annelid Streblospio benedicti, is an ideal system to study the evolutionary consequences of larval life history mode because the species(More)
The modeling and simulation (M&S) landscape for systems engineers is complex. This complexity is due to a variety of factors including the diversity of system components over a range of domains which are modeled at multiple scales using varied modeling formalisms. There is a need to chain system models developed using varying formalisms, resolutions or(More)
This paper describes an approach for providing dynamic Quality of Service (QoS) support in a variable bandwidth network, which may include wireless links and mobile nodes. The QoS approach centers on the notion of providing QoS support at some point within a range requested by applications. The applications must be capable of adapting to the level of QoS(More)
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