Nancy Samaan

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This paper presents a novel paradigm to approach the issue of autonomous policy-based management of wired/wireless differentiated communication systems. In contrast to existing management approaches which require static a priori policy configurations, policies are created dynamically. The proposed framework addresses the management issue from a new(More)
  • Nancy Samaan
  • IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed…
  • 2014
This paper presents a novel economic model to regulate capacity sharing in a federation of hybrid cloud providers (CPs). The proposed work models the interactions among the CPs as a repeated game among selfish players that aim at maximizing their profit by selling their unused capacity in the spot market but are uncertain of future workload fluctuations.(More)
User Mobility prediction represents a key component in assisting handoff management, resource reservation, and service preconfiguration. However, most of the existing approaches presume that the user travels in an a priori known pattern with some regularity; an assumption that may not always hold. This paper presents a novel framework for user mobility(More)
This paper presents a summary of the most important characteristics of wind turbine generators applied in modern wind power plants. Various wind turbine generator designs, based on classification by machine type and speed control capabilities, are discussed along with their operational characteristics, voltage, reactive power, or power factor control(More)
This paper presents a new pricing mechanism for virtual network (VN) services to regulate the demand for their shared substrate network (SN) resources. The contributions of this article are two-fold; first, we introduce a new time-of-use pricing policy for the SN resources that reflects the effect of resource congestion introduced by VN users. The(More)
Cloud clients (CCs) of current distributed cloud applications are still not assured of their service quality, in particular, in terms of the experienced latency. Unfortunately, this is mainly attributed to the unpredictability of the communication links among their hosting distributed data centers. To address this problem, this article introduces a novel(More)