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Efficiency in teleoperation systems is strongly affected by the relationship between the operator and the remote environment. If the operator has access to easily comprehensible information, his capability for opportune decision-making increases. Virtual reality has showed to be an effective means of displaying information to the human operator. It allows(More)
In order to help the user to accomplish a task, teleoperation systems have to integrate different tools such as visualization, divers interaction devices, planning tools, etc.… The interface must be able to give complete information of the real world and the user can, using a distributed platform, be helped by others users as well as by autonomous robots.(More)
As the initial gatekeepers of the criminal justice system, police officers hold considerable discretion in the investigation of offenses and in the decision to make an arrest. This is particularly true with sexual assault given the unique nature of these cases. Yet most research in this area has focused on prosecutors' charging decisions rather than police(More)
This paper deals with 3D visualization and interaction techniques used to analyze data necessary to manage energy consumption. Data comes from sensors located in a green data center in the IBM Montpellier (France) site. The main goal of this work is to visualize, in real-time, the large amount of data produced by different sensors in the data center. A(More)
Coviz is a tool that uses visualization to support spontaneous construction, organization and exploration of collections. We use the term collection to identify a set of documents gathered for a given purpose by one or several individuals. Coviz facilitates creation, organization and update of collections by providing multi-scale visualization and(More)
This paper deals with a 3D visualization technique proposed to analyze and manage energy efficiency from a data center. Data are extracted from sensors located in the IBM Green Data Center in Montpellier France. These sensors measure different information such as hygrometry, pressure and temperature. We want to visualize in real-time the large among of data(More)
Virtual reality enables to build systems that enhance communication by facilitating information display. In teleoperation applications, virtual reality improves task performance thanks to intuitive manipulation and exploration of working environment. In more, an interactive 3D simulation allows to give " virtual assistance " to the operator by adding guides(More)