Nancy Rivera

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The present study examined substance use rates among adolescents in Grades 7-12 in Puerto Rico. Nine hundred eighty-nine students completed the Spanish version of the International Survey of Adolescent Health. More than 50% of middle school youths and 75% of high-school youths reported lifetime alcohol use. Female gender was associated with tobacco use in(More)
INTRODUCTION Norovirus (NoV) are RNA viruses highly contagious, stable in the environment, genetically variable, and the most common cause of viral sporadic acute gastroenteritis worldwide. This is the first study carried out in Concepcion, Chile, to investigate the presence of NoV as an etiologic agent of viral diarrheas in hospitalized children.(More)
BACKGROUND Infestation by Demodex spp. in the palpebral edge follicles in humans is common. However, these mites are not routinely diagnosed in patients with or without ocular pathologies in Chile and their relevance is unclear. One of the eye diseases most related to infestation by Demodex spp. is blepharitis, a chronic inflammation of the eyelid margin(More)
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