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Networked computer technology has become prevalent in higher education but little research has been conducted to attest to its benefits for the ESL student writer. This study compared students in two ESL writing environments ; a networked computer-assisted classroom and a traditional oral classroom. Three measures were used to examine attitudes towards(More)
The cerebellum has recently been recognized for its role in high-order functions, including cognition, language, and behavior. Recent studies have also begun to describe a functional topography of the mature cerebellum that includes organization on a mediolateral axis. However, no study to date has examined the relationship between regional cerebellar(More)
Cerebellar injury is an important complication of preterm birth with far-reaching neuropsychiatric sequelae. We have previously shown a significant association between isolated injury to the premature cerebellum and subsequent impairment of regional volumetric growth in the contralateral cerebrum. In the current study, we examine the relationship between(More)
AIM Advances in perinatal care and neuroimaging techniques have increased the detection of cerebellar malformations (CBMs) in the fetus and young infant. As a result, this has necessitated a greater understanding of the neurodevelopmental consequences of CBMs on child development. The aim of this study was to delineate the impact of CBMs on long-term(More)
Although cerebellar injury in the premature infant is an increasingly recognized form of neonatal brain injury, its structural and functional outcomes remain poorly defined in the term infant. The objective of this cross-sectional study was to characterize the clinical and magnetic resonance imaging features and neurodevelopmental outcome in children, born(More)
Introducing ice-water into the left ear of right-brain-damaged patients attenuates unilateral neglect symptoms. By examining EEG changes over each hemisphere during this procedure, we were able to test a hypothesis concerning the mechanism of cold-water calorics and the attention-arousal hypothesis of hemispatial neglect. We present a case study of an(More)
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