Nancy R Ahern

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The objectives of the study were to evaluate the psychometric properties and appropriateness of instruments for the study of resilience in adolescents. A search was completed using the terms resilience and instruments or scales using the EBSCO database (CINAHL, PreCINAHL, and Academic Search Premier), MEDLINE, PsychINFO and PsychARTICLES, and the Internet.(More)
The internet has become an everyday communication tool for countless people throughout the world. It has a variety of potential uses in education, practice and research, but only in the last decade have nurse researchers begun to take advantage of the multiple uses the internet has to offer. The author reviews the uses of the internet to conduct research(More)
Resilience is a concept that has enormous utility in nursing, although there is a need for concept clarity as it relates to adolescence. The purpose of this article is to describe the concept and apply the Evolutionary Model of Concept Analysis to resilience in adolescents. A literature search and an analysis of 22 articles specific to the adolescent(More)
Resilience has gained considerable attention over the past four decades since researchers observed that children and youth could cope and adapt in spite of adversity. Adolescence is considered to be a period of vulnerability for most individuals as they often partake in risky behaviour. Using multiple databases and inclusion criteria, a review of the(More)
  • Nancy R Ahern
  • Journal of psychosocial nursing and mental health…
  • 2009
Nurses who provide care to adolescent college students are challenged to meet their diverse health care needs. Recent national survey data on American college students indicate that many participate in risky behaviors, which can have detrimental effects on their physical and psychosocial health. These data also reveal that college students rank health(More)
In Part 1 of this article, published in the February 2010 issue, the problem of drinking game participation by U.S. college students was described. College students may play these games for reasons of peer acceptance and social interaction. Unfortunately, approximately two thirds of U.S. college students participate in this risky binge drinking behavior,(More)
This pilot study used Cranley's Maternal-Fetal Attachment Scale (MFAS) to explore the feasibility of comparing maternal-fetal attachment behaviors of African-American and Hispanic-American gravidas. Data analysis revealed no significant differences between the two groups' MFAS total scale score means; however, the Hispanic-American gravidas displayed(More)
One of the primary goals of registered nurse-to-bachelor of science in nursing education is to help registered nurses see things in a new way or to transform their perspective. A package of 4 commonly used reflective writing activities used before, during, and after class is described as it is used for perspective transformation. This learning package goal(More)
Youth engaging in sexting (texting plus sex) includes behaviors such as sending, receiving, or forwarding of nude or partially nude images via cell phones. The true prevalence of tweens and teens engaging in sexting is unclear. This might be because of the general secrecy of the behavior, the rapid advances in technology, and the lack of a clear definition(More)
Regardless of the era, youth have engaged in activities that put them at risk and can compromise their health and well-being, in particular sexual experimentation. This article highlights current national and international literature focusing on adolescent sexual health related to health promotion and educational strategies. This information can be useful(More)