Nancy Paredes

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Is reading for translation equal to reading in monolingual contexts? Horizontal/parallel theories of translation propose that normal reading and reading for translation differ because the translator engages in partial reformulation while reading for translating the source text. In contrast, vertical/serial theories assume that the translators first extract(More)
We evaluated phonological and visuospatial working memory (WM) in autism spectrum disorders. Autistic children and typically developing children were compared. We used WM tasks that measured phonological and visuospatial WM up to the capacity limit of each children. Overall measures of WM did not show differences between autistic children and control(More)
The first stage of the project uses bit level operations which perform the audio and video coding. The EWBS descriptor and the ISDB-Tb program-specific information tables are generated and implemented during the multiplex block. The second stage of the project handles a dynamic-link library, developed on C++, which utilize the most important DTU-215(More)
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