Nancy P. Echeverri Ruiz

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Identifying the initiation signals for tissue regeneration in vertebrates is one of the major challenges in regenerative biology. Much of the research thus far has indicated that certain growth factors have key roles. Here we show that complement fragment C3a is sufficient to induce complete regeneration of the embryonic chick retina from stem/progenitor(More)
1. Two experiments were conducted with 1056 1-d-old Cobb x Cobb feather-sexed broiler chicks, to determine the relative nicotinic acid biopotencies of nicotinic acid (NA) and nicotinamide (NAm). 2. Two methods were used: the slope-ratio technique and the broken-line model. 3. In experiment 1, using the slope-ratio technique, NAm was 0.82 as active as NA in(More)
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