Nancy N Ragsdale

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1. Triarimol (2 mug/ml) severely inhibited ergosterol synthesis in sporidia of Ustilago maydis. In control cells ergosterol accounted for 70-85% of the total sterols, In sporidia treated 9.5 h with triarimol the total sterol content was not appreciably reduced; however, ergosterol constituted less than 4% of the sterol fraction. In treated cells 95% of this(More)
Triarimol and triforine inhibit ergosterol biosynthesis in fungi and cause accumulation of free fatty acids, 24-methylenedihydrolanosterol, obtusifoliol and 14α-methyl-δ8,24(28)-ergostadienol. Triparanol also inhibits ergosterol synthesis and causes accumulation of free fatty acids, but not of the latter 3 sterols. Triparanol appears to inhibit prior to(More)