Nancy Milik

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This paper presents a project the goal of which is to develop ASPIRE, a complete authoring and deployment environment for constraint-based intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs). ASPIRE is based on our previous work on constraint-based tutors and WETAS, the tutoring shell. ASPIRE consists of the authoring server (ASPIRE-Author), which enables domain experts to(More)
Over the last decade, the Intelligent Computer Tutoring Group (ICTG) has implemented many successful constraint-based Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) in a variety of instructional domains. Our tutors have proven their effectiveness not only in controlled lab studies but also in real classrooms, and some of them have been commercialized. Although(More)
We present ERM-Tutor, a constraint-based tutor that teaches logical database design (i.e. mapping conceptual to logical database schemas). Students practice this procedural task in ERM-Tutor by solving each step and receiving feedback on their solutions. We also present a new feature added to the system, which enables students to ask free-form questions. A(More)
Building effective learning environments is an art that can only be perfected by a great deal of explorations involving the environments' audience: the learners. This paper focuses on taking into account the learners' spatial ability into the development of Intelligent Tutoring Systems. We modified ERM-Tutor, a constraint-based tutor that teaches logical(More)
Rapid and widespread development of computerised learning tools have proven the need for further exploration of the learners' personal characteristics in order to maximise the use of the current technology. In particular, this paper looks at the potential of accounting for spatial ability in ERM-Tutor; a constraint-based tutor that teaches logical database(More)
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