Nancy L. Yang

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BACKGROUND In our previous transcriptional profiling of a murine model, we have identified a remarkably small number of specific pathways with altered expression in lymphedema. In this investigation, we utilized microarray-based transcriptomics of human skin for an unbiased a priori prospective candidate identification, with subsequent validation of these(More)
Biological mineralization of tissues in living organisms relies on proteins that preferentially nucleate minerals and control their growth. This process is often referred to as "templating," but this term has become generic, denoting various proposed mineral-organic interactions including both chemical and structural affinities. Here, we present an approach(More)
The signs of the third-order optical nonlinear susceptibility chi((3)) of polysilane have been determined to be negative at 532 nm and positive at 1064 nm from single-beam Z-scan measurements. The small and positive chi((3)) at 1064 nm arises from the bound-electronic process. The negative chi((3)) at 532 nm is attributed to two-photon absorption resonance(More)
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