Nancy L. Istock

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The folded cortex of the growing oocyte of the frog extends as microvilli into the substance of the developing vitelline membrane and, internal to the folds, possesses a layer of cortical granules. Free ribosomes, smooth-walled vesicles, coated vesicles, tubules, and electron-opaque granules are abundant in the peripheral zone of the cortex. Mitochondria,(More)
The evolution of ADP-ribosyltransferase (NAD+) pseudogene 1 (ADPRTP1) was studied among higher primates. When the human pseudogene was used to probe genomic DNA from chimpanzee, gorilla, macaque, howler monkey and lemur, a fragment from gorilla produced the most intense hybridization signal. The resultant hybridization pattern indicated a modified(More)
With an in vitro DNA repair system, Satoh and Lindah [(1992) Nature 356, 356-358] demonstrated that unmodified poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PADPRP) binds to radiation-damaged DNA and inhibits repair in the absence of NAD. However, in the presence of NAD, PADPRP undergoes automodification and the DNA is repaired. It was hypothesized that PADPRP cycles(More)
We have studied the specificity of ultraviolet (u.v.) mutagenesis in single-stranded DNA phage by analyzing u.v.-induced forward mutations in the lac insert of M13mp2 hybrid phage. Sequence analysis of 114 lac mutants derived from u.v.-irradiated phage grown in u.v.-irradiated cells showed that ultraviolet induces mainly single-nucleotide substitutions and(More)
A recently constructed chromosome 13-enriched library was used to isolate the entire human ADP-ribosyltransferase (NAD+) pseudogene 1 gene (ADPRTP1) on 13q34. Recently, ADPRTP1 was shown to detect a restriction fragment length polymorphism that was associated with a predisposition to cancer. The complete sequence of the ADPRTP1 (3808 bases) was determined(More)
The limited ability of ultraviolet (UV)-irradiated E. coli cells to W-reactivate UV-irradiated, single-stranded DNA phages fd and M13 was investigated. The kinetics of induction for W-reactivation of UV-irradiated fd phage are different from that for other SOS functions. W-reactivation of UV-irradiated M13 phage was studied using phage particles that(More)
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