Nancy L. Cohen

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Some studies have suggested that eating patterns, which describe eating frequency, the temporal distribution of eating events across the day, breakfast skipping, and the frequency of eating meals away from home, may be related to obesity. Data from the Seasonal Variation of Blood Cholesterol Study (1994-1998) were used to evaluate the relation between(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine staff and consumer-focused food safety training needs in community-based homes for people with developmental disabilities as well as dietitians' perceptions of food-handling practices in these homes. DESIGN Direct-care staff and dietitians were surveyed according to a modified Dillman method using a mailed, self-administered(More)
Food pantries serve over 19 million Americans, yet little is known about the nutritional quality of foods distributed in pantry bags. Foods in bags from 133 clients from 19 pantry sites were itemized, and a mean site value for nutrient and food group content was calculated. If an individual consumed the pantry foods according to the Food Guide Pyramid, the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess how postsecondary online nutrition education courses (ONEC) are delivered, determine ONEC effectiveness, identify theoretical models used, and identify future research needs. DESIGN Systematic search of database literature. SETTING Postsecondary education. PARTICIPANTS Nine research articles evaluating postsecondary ONEC. MAIN(More)
We are happy to present the following article as a resource for readers developing or refining online courses. Much work remains to be done to identify and evaluate the relative merits of potential theoretical models for online nutrition instruction. Progress will depend on finding ways to conduct objective appraisals of theory-driven courses in university(More)
Glutaraldehyde is considered a high-level surgical disinfectant commonly used in the United States in gastrointestinal lab environments. Glutaraldehyde requires proper ventilation when used as glutaraldehyde vapors are known irritants to the skin, eyes, nose, and lungs without proper ventilation in the work environment. Vapor concentration is the unit of(More)