Nancy K. Van Cleave

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The opportunity to assess prevalence, incidence, and outcome of schizophrenia and delusional disorder was provided by an age- and sex-stratified random sample of 5,222 persons age 65 years and over. This sample was chosen from general practitioner lists, and interviewed by psychiatric nurses trained to use the Geriatric Mental State (GMS)-AGECAT(More)
Thirty-one patients dependent on benzodiazepines were randomly assigned to either slow withdrawal (SW) or abrupt withdrawal under propranolol cover (PW). Of 16 patients in the SW group, 11 successfully withdrew from their drugs, while only 4 out of 15 in the PW group did so. Patients in the SW group had only mild withdrawal symptoms, while those in the PW(More)
 Using computers to deliver instructional material should be an excellent match of technology to education. Countless products meant to enhance or replace the classroom experience are currently available, yet few are utilized in spite of the national drive to increase the use of educational technology in our schools. Factors behind this under-utilization(More)
BACKGROUND This study was designed to identify all elderly people of ethnic minorities living in a defined geographical area in inner-city Liverpool and to identify psychiatric morbidity and barriers to use of services. This paper reports the prevalence of dementia and depression. METHOD A survey of the community was carried out using the Geriatric Mental(More)
 A series of weekly CS 1 labs utilizing C++ have been developed, implemented, and tested in a student lab environment. Of particular interest is the emphasis on mathematics and the early and extensive use of objects and graphics, including simple animation. Many basic concepts (e.g., objects, files, and functions) are introduced and expanded over several(More)
A learning space is defined by the intersection of content, learner, and instructional designer. Each of these components provide critical contributions to the learning process. Computer mediated instruction can model the concept of a learning space by separating the content from the delivery mechanism, and recognizing software as an extension of the(More)