Nancy J Hoffman

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A gene encoding the α′-subunit of β-conglycinin was ligated to the 19S and 35S promoters of Cauliflower Mosaic Virus and introduced into petunia plants on a disarmed Ti-plasmid using Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Transformed cells were regenerated into whole plants and ummunoreactive polypeptides and hybridizable, polyadenylated mRNA were detected in(More)
Watson, Elinor D. (Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.), Nanci J. Hoffman, Richard W. Simmers, and Theodor Rosebury. Aerobic and anaerobic bacterial counts of nasal washings: Presence of organisms resembling Corynebacterium acnes. J. Bacteriol. 83:144-148. 1962.-Aerobic and anaerobic colony counts in blood agar were made of 40 samples of nasal washings(More)
The authors investigated the impact of the Deaf Student Editing Rubric (DSER) as a self-editing tool on the writing performance of prelingually profoundly deaf adolescent students whose first language is American Sign Language. The DSER was developed by the first author. The study participants included 15 Deaf students in 4 classrooms in grades 7-12.(More)
Capacity evaluations of older adults assist in determining whether a situation should be considered elder/dependent adult abuse and which type of intervention is warranted. Capacity evaluations must integrate multiple sources of data and focus on functional abilities. Understanding the legal standard underlying the capacity needed for a specific decision is(More)
BACKGROUND The mortality results of policies on insured lives with elevated blood pressure have been the subject of several studies since the early 20th century. This study, which began with issues of 1989, utilizes data from the Impairment Study Capture System (ISCS). Data are also compiled for impairments other than elevated blood pressure in the ISCS for(More)
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