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Shi for assistance with and collaboration on parts of the research reported here, and Jacques Mehler and two anonymous reviewers for comments on an earlier draft of the manuscript. Thanks also to John Mertus for technical consultation and Peter Eimas for general advice and counsel. Representing input utterances in structurally appropriate fashion is doubly(More)
Immune responses are generally impaired in aged mammals. T cells have been extensively studied in this context due to the initial discovery of their reduced proliferative capacity with aging. The decreased responses involve altered signaling events associated with the early steps of T cell activation. The underlying causes of these changes are not fully(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS It is with much gratitude and humility that I acknowledge those who have supported and influenced my completion of this project. Special thanks to Chief Justice Duggan, whose endorsement of excellence in the workplace and support of continuing educational opportunities allow employees to continue to flourish in pursuit of system improvement.(More)
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