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Acculturative stress and relevant demographic variables, including immigration status, English skills, level of education, age, gender, country of origin, and years since immigration to the U. S. are examined along with their relationship to depressive symptoms. The 200 Arab-American and recent Arab immigrant participants ranged from age 60-92 and(More)
Detection of IQ decrements due to brain injury in patients with preexisting psychiatric disorders was examined. Subjects included 280 male and female adult psychiatric patients who were free of identified neurological disorders. Subjects were administered the MMPI and WAIS-R. Original (Barona, Reynolds, & Chastain, 1984) and revised (Barona & Chastain,(More)
Response sets as well as cognitive and academic deficits compromise the validity of child and adolescent self-report of emotional adjustment. Three studies using clinical and asymptomatic samples of 4th to 12th grade students detail applications of the four validity scales of the Personality Inventory for Youth (PIY), namely, (a) Validity (VAL) a scale of(More)
The relationship between children's self-reported problems on the Personality Inventory for Youth (PIY) and peer descriptors derived from the Pupil Evaluation Inventory was examined in a regular education sample of 156 children in fourth through eighth grade. The relative contributions of the PIY scales and subscales to the prediction of peer ratings were(More)
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