Nancy H Allen

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Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a recurrent depressive disorder in which episodes occur at a particular time of year. The most frequent variant is winter SAD in which patients become depressed during the autumn or early winter, with remission or conversion to hypomania the following spring. Recognition of winter SAD is important because the diagnosis(More)
A case of cervical hemangioma is reported. This is a rare lesion of the uterine cervix, is not usually large and characteristically has a deep wine-red color. A review of the world literature indicates that all such hemangiomas that have been reported are benign. It is thought from this information that they may be treated conservatively.
The clinical features and the results of surgical treatment in 27 children with a paraureteric diverticulum treated between 1969 and 1979 were reviewed. The condition is commoner in males. Vesicoureteric reflux and double ureters were associated findings and together with the diverticulum accounted for the high incidence of urinary infection as a presenting(More)
Seven healthy male volunteers had their light sensitivity (melatonin suppression) and melatonin phase measured before and after treatment with temazepam (20 mg) for 7 days. Temazepam did not alter the circadian phase of melatonin secretion (the Dim Light Melatonin Onset, the timing of the peak of secretion), the total melatonin secretion nor the sensitivity(More)
A retrospective review was made of the effect of early post-operative total parenteral nutrition on recovery from total cystectomy with formation of an ileal conduit. No difference in mortality or time spent in hospital after operation was noted between 2 groups receiving either total parenteral nutrition or isotonic dextrose-saline solutions.
A controlled trial was carried out to assess the value of intensive plasma exchange in 27 renal transplant recipients with clinical and histological evidence of acute vascular rejection. In addition to standard immunosuppression, 13 patients received plasma exchange on six consecutive days at a mean exchange volume of 40.6 ml/kg of body weight each day(More)
The incidence of a bifid pelvicaliceal system, vesicoureteric reflux, its sequelae and paraureteric diverticulum was determined in the patients and siblings of 22 patients with a paraureteric diverticulum. The results support the hypothesis that there is a direct genetic relationship between a paraureteric diverticulum, duplication of the pelvicaliceal(More)
BACKGROUND The aim was to investigate the secretion profile of melatonin and seasonal affective disorder before and after treatment with fluoxetine. METHOD A six-week case-controlled study with repeated overnight blood sampling was conducted. Ten patients fulfilling the criteria for major depressive disorder, seasonal type, with a 29-item Hamilton(More)