Nancy Guerrero Rodríguez

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Recently, there has been a wide interest in the study of aggregation equations and Patlak-Keller-Segel (PKS) models for chemotaxis with degenerate diffusion. The focus of this paper is the unification and generalization of the well-posedness theory of these models. We prove local well-posedness on bounded domains for dimensions d ≥ 2 and in all of space for(More)
The genetic contributions to breast cancer development among Latinas are not well understood. Here we carry out a genome-wide association study of breast cancer in Latinas and identify a genome-wide significant risk variant, located 5' of the Estrogen Receptor 1 gene (ESR1; 6q25 region). The minor allele for this variant is strongly protective (rs140068132:(More)
Transgenic farm animals are attractive alternative mammalian models to rodents for the study of developmental, genetic, reproductive and disease-related biological questions, as well for the production of recombinant proteins, or the assessment of xenotransplants for human patients. Until recently, the ability to generate transgenic farm animals relied on(More)
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