Nancy G Hildreth

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Breast cancer incidence rates after radiation exposure in eight large cohorts are described and compared. The nature of the exposures varies appreciably, ranging from a single or a small number of high-dose-rate exposures (Japanese atomic bomb survivors, U.S. acute post-partum mastitis patients, Swedish benign breast disease patients, and U.S. infants with(More)
Two thousand eight hundred and fifty-six individuals who received X-ray treatments in infancy for an enlarged thymus gland and their 5053 nonirradiated siblings have been followed prospectively since 1953 to evaluate the risk of radiation-induced neoplastic disease. The health status of the entire cohort has been ascertained periodically by mail(More)
A cohort of 2,657 infants in Rochester, New York, who were given x-ray treatment for a purported enlarged thymus gland, along with 4,833 siblings, have been followed by mail surveys through about 1986, which represents an average of 37 years of follow-up, to determine their incidence of thyroid cancer. Estimated thyroid doses ranged from 0.03 to > 10 Gy,(More)
It is well established that exposure to ionizing radiation during or after puberty increases a woman's risk for breast cancer, but it is less clear whether exposure to ionizing radiation very early in life is also carcinogenic. We studied the incidence of breast cancer prospectively in a cohort of 1201 women who received x-ray treatment in infancy for an(More)
One hundred and forty-eight postmenopausal breast cancer cases and 585 postmenopausal controls were included in an investigation of whether various risk factors for breast cancer are associated with the level of estrogen (E) receptor (ER) protein in the tumor. In an intracase analysis, the tumor ER level was positively associated with nulliparity, late age(More)
A case-control study to identify risk factors for epithelial ovarian cancer was undertaken among women in the age group 45-74 years who had been admitted to seven hospitals in Connecticut between July, 1977, and March, 1979. Characteristics that were found to increase the risk of epithelial ovarian cancer included being white, never having been pregnant,(More)
Acute postpartum mastitis (APM) is an inflammatory-infectious condition of the breast, occurring commonly at childbirth or during lactation. A series of 601 women who received x-ray therapy for APM during the 1940's or 1950's have been followed up by mail questionnaire, with medical verification of pertinent conditions, to ascertain their incidences of(More)
BACKGROUND Noncompliance with referral to a physician for retesting and diagnosis is a concern in public cholesterol screening. METHODS Participants (n = 2109) were referred by a health professional or lay communicator and randomly assigned to a coupon offer, referral reminder letter, or control group. A questionnaire was completed at screening, and a(More)
In a hospital-based case-control study of 590 women with biopsy-proven fibrocystic breast disease and 1,018 control women with other surgical conditions, no linear relationship was evident between the use of oral contraceptives or of estrogen replacement therapy and the degree of epithelial atypia of the fibrocystic lesions. Case-control and intracase(More)
About 2,650 persons who received X-ray treatment for purported enlarged thymuses in infancy and 4,800 sibling controls have been followed by mail questionnaire for an average of 29 years to observe their incidence of thyroid tumors. The follow-up rate in the latest survey was 88% in both groups. The radiation doses to the thyroid gland ranged from 5 to over(More)