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With the growing population of the elderly, the need for mobile health solutions is also increasing. We propose a system which allows patients to perform basic stroke rehabilitation tests from their own homes. This drastically cuts down on patient/therapist visits, freeing up therapists for more pressing work. This paper will focus on the Timed Up and Go(More)
We present an approach to wearable sensor-based assessment of fall risk for post stroke patients. The goal is to use inertial measurement unit to automate the fall risk estimation of the functional reach test. In this paper, we present the current stage of our system, including the proposed Event Scoring technique for detecting events such as shuffling and(More)
A retrospective comparison was made of characteristics of stroke patients admitted to 3 distinct areas of the Union-Truesdale Hospital (renamed Charlton Memorial Hospital) in Fall River, MA. The Union Division has the option for admission to an acute care stroke unit or to the medical/surgical units. The Truesdale Division is separated by 1 mile and(More)
Falls are common and dangerous for survivors of stroke at all stages of recovery. The widespread need to assess fall risk in real time for individuals after stroke has generated emerging requests for a reliable, inexpensive, quantifiable, and remote clinical measure/tool. In order to meet these requests, we explore the Functional Reach Test (FRT) for(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this existential-phenomenological study was to investigate the experience of being in a wheelchair. It was a prelude to a pilot study examining the effect of "seated" Tai Chi. METHODS An interpretive research group was used as were direct quotations to support the analysis. The interview question was as follows: "please describe(More)
Falls are common and dangerous for the elderly or individuals with decreased independence or functional limitations. Fall recognition is extremely important for fallers, healthcare providers, and society. Immediate fall recognition triggers emergency services and potentially decreases individuals time with injury without care. Acute post-fall intervention(More)
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