Nancy Estrada

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This paper presents the design, implementation, and evaluation of TARDiS (Transactional Asynchronously Replicated Divergent Store), a transactional key-value store explicitly designed for weakly-consistent systems. Reasoning about these systems is hard, as neither causal consistency nor per-object eventual convergence allow applications to deal(More)
Geo-replication is an increasingly common requirement for computing services which desire low latency and high availability across the globe. In these services, replicas serve requests locally and independently. The lack of synchronisation across sites guarantees good performance but often comes at the cost of consistency; many recent research efforts, as a(More)
Today, many publishers (e.g., websites, mobile application developers) commonly use third-party analytics services and social widgets. Unfortunately, this scheme allows these third parties to track individual users across the web, creating privacy concerns and leading to reactions to prevent tracking via blocking, legislation and standards. While improving(More)
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