Nancy E Larsen

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An algorithm for the alignment of stained serial sections without the support of artificial landmarks is described. Four-hundred-thirty serial sections of the rabbit hippocampal region were(More)
In a six-week randomized, double-blind study the efficacy and side effects of perphenazine decanoate (PD) and perphenazine enanthate (PE) were evaluated and compared in 26 and 24 acute psychotic(More)
In order to investigate the feasibility of administering perphenazine decanoate (PD) at three week intervals the 42 patients participating in the previously reported open, prospective 12 month study(More)
In an open, prospective 12 month study of perphenazine decanoate (PD), 42 psychotic patients diagnosed according to DSM-III were treated with a fixed depot interval and an individual dose, guided by(More)